Tips For Genealogy Research 

 1. Decide which branch of the family you want  to search, (paternal or maternal).

 2. Complete a pedigree chart to the best of your ability. (Midwest genealogy center forms)

 3. Complete a group sheet for each family in your lineage (self, parents, grand parents, etc)

 4. Write your biography and place a photo with it.

 5. Complete oral interviews with eldest family members, your generation and younger.

 6. Develop a filing system according to family groups, use acid free paper&sheet protectors

 7. Get family vital records and obituaries from family members or other resources.

 8. Use a computer to obtain records like: census, war draft, marriage, death, & military.

 9. Enter your family data in a software program like Family Tree Maker or Legacy 9.  

10. Obtain and organize photos suitable to be used in a media presentation. 

11. Develop a display, power point presentation, book, DVD, or other media to share.

                                        Carol J Calvin, M.S. ed, Genealogy Educator