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The Trip TO The Milton House Museum by Carol Calvin

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   The Trip toThe Milton House Museum

A Station of the Underground Railroad in Wisconsin

"They didn't spend the night here. They rested, ate, and were given a change of clothing. Covered with hay, they were taken by wagon to the next station" This statement of the tour guide described the passage of slaves through the former Milton House Inn in Milton, Rock County, Wisconsin.

The slaves arrived at night and crawled from the basement into a narrow underground tunnel which was  only  three feet high and about two feet wide. They crawled on their hands and knees for about 45 feet, before scrambling up to a small cabin. The tunnel has now been expanded to permit visitors to walk upright and not brush the walls. There are now ten steps up to the cabin.

On October 23, 2015, nineteen such  visitors from Milwaukee walked in that tunnel and sat in the cabin. It was as if we went back in time, and sat with our ancestors. There were; six members of the African American Genealogical Society of Milwaukee, including the president, Chuck Powell. seven members of the Trinity Village Family History Class, taught by Carol J. Calvin, the Director of the Wisconsin Black Historical Society, Clayborn Benson, who coordinated the  tour, and five people who were family members and friends of the visitors.

During the trip to Milton, Mr Benson told the fascinating stories of two run-away slaves, Joshua Glover, and Carolyn Quarles, who had come through Wisconsin. Ms. Calvin told of her great great grand parents who settled in Avon and Spring Valley,  Rock County.

We toured the Milton House Museum, viewing the exhibits, and listening to the tour guides tell of the abolitionist, Joseph Goodrich, who was founder of Milton. He built the stagecoach inn in 1844, and hid slaves in the basement until they could go to the tunnel. No slave was caught at this station.

The Milton House Museum is a National Historic Landmark and Underground Railroad site. It is one hour and rwenty minutes from Milwaukee, a must see place!


Genetic Genealogy - DNA

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